Fr. John Ferreira's Message

This booklet is my first venture in giving expression to my understanding and experience of yoga, a discipline that has not only changed my whole attitude to life and well-being, but also inspired me to take the message of yoga to wherever I go.

In my endeavours at popularising yoga and making it part of school curriculum, I have been patronized and encouraged by His Grace, the Most Reverend Dr.Albert D’Souza, Archbishop of Archdiocese of Agra. It was he who gave me the ‘go ahead’ signal for all that I wanted to do in the field of yoga, as he being both my spiritual head and also Chairman of the Managing Committee of the institution where I am at present serving, nothing could be done without his permission and guidance. Therefore, I owe it my duty to record here my deep sense of gratitude for the support and guidance I have received from His Grace.

I would next express my dutiful obligation to my yoga gurus who initiated me into the world of yoga and who later opened out to me the vast vistas of yoga philosophy and practice. I would like to place my respectful thanks to Swami Satyanand Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Patna and to acknowledge my debt to his books namely, asana Pranamayana Mudra, Bandha and Yoga Nidra, form which I have drawn freely. I have also been helped by Science of Yoga by Shri Swami Shivananda, Hathyoga by Swami Muktibodhanand, Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar and the Yoga instructor’s course, brought out by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Samsthan, encyclopedia of foods (healthy recipes) by George D. Pemplona – Roger, M.D., Nature cure at home by Dr. Rajeshwari, yoga by Dr. R. Nagarathna and Dr. H.R. Nagendra.

In the preparation of this book I owe thanks to Dr. Ajaya Baboo, Lecturer in Chemistry, St. Peter’s College, who was ever at my side in the collection of the material and dealing with its publication.

Dr. A. P. Antony, Department of English, St. Peter’s College, Agra and Dr. Abha Sharma, Department of English, Agra College, Agra also helped in the work.

To Dr. Neville Smith, former Professor of English and an alumnus of St. Peter’s, I am indebted for arranging the matter and editing the book.

I must also place my thanks to Mr. Basukutty Thomas for patiently typing out the matter and retyping it after many alterations.

To my team of yoga teachers, specially Mr. Gyan Prakash, Miss Anita Yadav, Miss Divya Singh, Mr. Koshlender Singh and Mrs. Shashi Kiran Singh I am grateful for their help and co-operation.

Lastly but not the least I must thank Messers Sahitya Bhawan, the publishers of this little book, which I hope would be found useful by those for whom it is meant.

Fr. John Ferreira